Friday, October 14, 2011

Now Is The Time To Change Schools In Roseville Joint Unified School District As District Identified As "Needs Improvement" Under No Child Left Behind: DEADLINE OCTOBER 17, 2011

By Michelle Ball, California Education Attorney for Students since 1995

Roseville Joint Unified School District has an important deadline approaching Monday October 17, 2011 that parents must be aware of if they have been wishing to change schools.  As the District was identified as failing in certain areas, under No Child Left Behind, they are now obligated to allow students from Adelante High School, Roseville High School and Antelope High School to transfer to Granite Bay High School, Oakmont High School, or Woodcreek High School. See below for an email sent to me by a parent regarding this issue.  So, act now, if you want to move.  Also, see the District website and their announcement and form.

"For Immediate Release:                                    For Further Information, Please Call:
October 5, 2011                                              Steve Williams (916-782-6565x1057)

Good evening this is Steve Williams, Director of Pupil Services, with an important announcement from the Roseville Joint Union High School District.

Once again, the Roseville District has shown steady improvement on the Statewide Academic Performance scores called API and those scores are posted on the District web page.

However, as part of the federal No Child Left Behind Act, our District has been designated for Program Improvement which requires us to notify every parent and also requires us to accept transfer requests from current Adelante, Antelope, and Roseville HS students to attend Granite Bay, Oakmont, or Woodcreek High School for the start of term two in January.

Students attending Adelante, Antelope, or Roseville High School, who wish to transfer, must apply to Granite Bay, Oakmont, or Woodcreek High School by Monday, October 17.

Student Transfer Enrollment Forms are available in the Main Office of Antelope HS, Roseville HS, the District Office, and online under RJUHSD Student Transfer Choice Program.

Please feel free to call my office if you have any questions at 782-6565x1057.

Thank you and have a good evening.

Steve Williams
Director of Pupil Services"


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